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While it is true that a 30-06 will shoot bullet weights from 110 gr up to 220 gr safely, it is also true that most 30-06 rifles shoot the mid-range bullet weights most accurately. Most 30-06 rifles will shoot bullets from 150 gr to 180 gr accurately. When you go beyond the design perameters of the rifle, you start getting into areas that are more difficult to find "out of the box" accuracy. You say that you don't see a short-term possibility to reload ammunition. That limits you to factory loads and eliminates much of the fun in achieving accurate loads for your special conditions.
The brand that you mention has a great reputation of not only being accurate in most rifles, but also being one of the best bullets for cleanly dispatching game that exists. Remember that shot placement is the single most important factor in determining how cleanly an animal is killed. That said, it doesn't matter what bullet you use so much as where you put it.
Best advice I can give you is try a range of factory loads in the 150 to 180 grain loadings and stick with what you like best. Remember that Target and Varmit loads usually use bullets intended to expand very rapidly and do not do such a good job on heavier game while Hunting loads ususlly use bullets that are designed to expand more slowly and penetrate deeper into a heavier animal.
The permutations and combinations of bullet, velocity and caliber are endless. If you don't reload, you are limited to what you can purchase so try them all and decide what you like. Then practice with it till shooting is just second nature and you can usually hit wht your aiming at where you choose to hit it. By that time you will have probably worn out you 10th rifle and will be thinking of purchasing another! Welcome to the addiction!

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