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I was able to find a Burris Fastfire III 3 moa red dot for around $220.

Its very low profile, weighs next to nothing, rated for 1000g's of recoil, dot has a high, medium, low, and automatic brightness modes. Shuts off after 8 hours. Waterproof enough to be submersible. Battery removes without removing the sight, which isn't the case with the Fastfire II. Steel exterior, comes with a cover. I have nothing but excellent things to say about it.

I would feel good with this thing on anything from a handgun to muzzle loader and everything in between. It will do everything you want in a red dot. The first setting is the auto adjustment brightness, its pretty awesome in the dark.

You won't regret getting one, in my opinion it has its place on anything with a rail, and a good number of others that they make mounts for.
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