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458winshooter--Weaver T-36 has been a long standing scope in the bench rest field. They are a very good scope and track very well. Only issue you might have is in shooting shorter distances. At 36 power only it is a task sometimes to find a target at 300 yards. Nightforce are awesome scopes,they have a tendency to put a big dent in your wallet. I would love to have a Nightforce on my bench rifle. One of the guy's I shoot with has 7 Bench Rifles,all 7 have Nightforce scopes on them. I did look very close at the T-36,but decided to go with a Sightron instead. Have been very happy with it.

I did just do some research on Mueller scopes. The reviews came in very well for a lower priced scope. I decided to try one in the 8-32 x 44 flavor on my 22-250. I must say i am impressed so far with it. I did the box test with it and my 5th shot was with in 1/2 inch of the first,not bad for a 250.00 scope.
At 32 power eye relief was still very easy and sight picture was more than ok for my 51 yr old eyes. In fact i liked it so much for that price that i am going to get one more for my 308.
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