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My question is why do people think they need 00 buck for home defense? 6 or 4 shot will get the job done and is more practical inside a home. You have to ask your self "what if I miss my target?". Especially if you live in close proximity of neighbors. You don't want anything that will shoot through walls and accidentally kill someone in the house or apartment next door.

Shotguns and small caliber pistols make great home defense weapons if used correctly. 2 3/4 shells are more than enough for HD, you don't need a 3 or 3 1/2. Also .22 - .45 is all you need in a pistol, anything bigger and you're asking for trouble if your round hits someone next door. A round from 44 mag can pass through an exterior wall and enter a house next door, killing a neighbor. You must always be aware of your surroundings and prepared for the consequences. You must be a responsible gun owner.

There are 3 things to remeber when dealing with HD. 1. You aren't going to war and burglars don't wear body armor. 2. If a burglar breaks in while you're asleep, he already has the advantage, regardless of your weapon of choice. 3. Never wander through your house looking for the burglar.

His eyes are already accustomed to the dark. Just waking up, your eyes will take a few seconds to adjust. The burglar is ready, aware someone might be home. You have no idea where the burglar is, and if you turn a light on to see, that just tells he burglar where you are. Not to mention the light will blind you way more then burglar. You're both scared, adrenaline pumping, it's nothing like range practice. The odds of you being able to hit your target accurately are pretty slim. That's why people prefer shotguns for HD. All the practice in the world will never prepare you for a real life and death encounter, regardless of what you hear and see on tv.

Try reading the figures on how many bullets it takes our soldiers to kill just one enemy soldier. Our soldiers are better armed and better trained then any home owner will ever be and even they have a hard time hitting their targets.

Your best defense is to stay in your bedroom and call the police. If your bedroom is set up so that your bed is between the door and the opposite wall, that will be the safest place. You can use the bed as cover and as a gun rest while you wait for help. Plus it will allow you to focus your attention on the narrow doorway if you are forced to defend yourself. You'll be much safer using cover than if you start wandering blindly through a dark house.

Regardless of your weapon of choice, be safe and think before you act.

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