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Are bullpup's "practical" for HD purposes?

I was watching a video earlier of a UTS 15 which is an interesting little gun; its pretty similar to the Kel-Tec KSG. Would one of these be practical for a home defense shotgun? (Zero shotgun experience btw)

My primary interest is the UTS, but I'm unsure if its for sale to the public or not (at least not on a mass scale) and the ones I did see on gun broker were nearly $1200 which is a bit pricey. Then again the KSG's on gunbroker were $1000.

I'm not sure the extra $500 is worth it over just getting a Remmington 870 for its intended use, but I did see KSG's on sale for around $600 at Grabagun. Sold out of course but if I can find one for that much would it be just as good as the 870. I understand the 870 has a bunch of easy to find parts and accessories, but that is not going to sway my decision either way.
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