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Congratualtions, I also have a new one... Remington 700 'SPS Tactical' AAC-SD .308 ... awesome awesome awesome. Basically the same as yours, slightly different stock, slightly different barrel, slightly different badging.

I absolutely love mine- Just got a new awesome Harris Bipod (S-BRM or as everyone on the internets seems to write it, BRMS) which is an Ultralight, Hinged -flexible left to right, leg notched, spring loaded 6"-9" bipod that just is amazing, a Nikon Monarch 5-20x44mm Side Focus, Bullet Drop Compensating reticle scope, and a Viking Tactical VTAC Wide/Padded sling... just extremely happy.

I am not a LEO, and certainly not a qualified/trained military sniper... and my rifle is not an exact copy of a M24 or M40 ... more like, an M32 (halfway copied the M24 halfway copied the M40 but neither exactly)... And honestly I could not be happier. I feel like this rifle can last me forever, do anything I will ever need it to do, be more accurate and longer range than I will ever need it to be, and offer me enough upgrade and tinkering options that I'll forever be happy with it just adding a piece or part here and there, upgrading a little bit etc.

I am sure you will feel the same way,Congratulations.
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