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Speaking of primer brands in the Dillon press. About two years ago I was loading .45 ACP in my 650 using Winchester large pistol primers. I kept getting jams in my fill tubes. When I called Dillon to get replacement tubes the guy I talked to said (without saying the company name) there is a certain brand of primer that have been causing all kinds of jams lately. I've been using CCI since and have been saving Dillon money by not having to send me new fill tubes every week.

On a side note, I picked up some Federal primers this past week (large and small) and cannot believe the size of the packaging. They take up three time as much space in my cabinet. Then I opened one up. Who the hell designs these things? What an absolute pain in the ass to put in the flip tray compared to CCI and Winchester. For those that have never used Federal, they are in the tray on edge. They went everywhere when I flipped the first one. I guess I'll have to get a bigger flip tray If I continue to buy Federal. Anybody know if they make one the size of a dinner plate?
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