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Barrel Fouling Shots... Copper Fouling?

I just started to really try to get accuracy out of this rifle. I notice I had a pretty decent bit of copper fouling, even though the gun is relatively new with few rounds through it. Is this normal? I'll probably be ordering some Butch's Bore Shine, which apparently is this amazing, magical bore cleaning elixir of life... Anyone have experience with it? Also, how often should an aggressive solvent like this be used? Every 100-200 rounds?

I know that after a cleaning, you need a few fouling shots to see any accuracy. I was wondering if this was the same for copper? Let's say I shot 20 rounds at the range, cleaned my gun with a regular non-aggressive solvent and then went back to the range. I guess I'd need a few fouling shots. But let's say I shot 100 rounds, I cleaned my gun with a product like Butch's bore bright, got all the copper and other fouling out, etc... Would it take more fouling shots because of the removal of the copper? I guess what I'm wondering is... Are small amounts of copper fouling good for accuracy? Or will it just ruin accuracy, even in small amounts?

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