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Thanks guys, good advice.

Took it out today and was quite shocked with some of my loads.

My cast 9mm 125's were around 800. The gun functions fine with them but surprised they were so slow.

45acp 230's are about 700. Again, less than I expected.

The real shocker was the 155gr x39's out of my CZ. 1500 on average, way low. Interestingly they have the same recoil as factory Wolf 123's at about 2300. Weird.

My 223's in my Sport were...2200fps. Yikes. Gonna try a different powder.

No surprise are my Garand loads. 2700, very little deviation. Perfect.

CCI 22's through my Kadet are 1050. The box says about 1300 but I'm sure it's with a rifle.

I was very mindful of bore axis when I set up the unit, especially using the AR. I looked down the side of the barrel before firing.

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