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I think you did very well with your first purchase. the price sounds more than reasonable. the general consensus is that Ruger's P series guns are not the best but well suited to shooters on a budget. furthermore the P95 is not well suited as a concealed carry gun, due to it's large size it is difficult to conceal.

however they do make good range guns and the recoil of a full sized handgun is easier to adapt to than the recoil of a lightweight compact and you can still pick up all the the finer points of firearms safety; loading drills, clearing drills, sight picture, trigger control and get a feel for what you like about your gun and what you would change with your next purchase. when you are ready to buy a concealed carry gun, this purchase with give you the first hand experience you need to make an informed decision on what you want to trust your life to and what is the best fit for you.

a life time reading forums is no match for a year spent with a gun in your hand. congratulations on your first handgun and good luck with what could be the most addictive hobby you've ever picked up
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