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horns kept catching every sapling within sight
Enough said. I had maybe 200 feet of woods and then it was a fall plowed cornfield.

But back to the OP's question. Where I'm at in North Texas, it looks to be like $75 for processing to various cuts and 20 lbs of burger. I didn't ask, but I assumed it needed to be field dressed.

I guess I'm nieve, but until reading this post, I thought animals for eating were always field dressed. Now that I've moved from Iowa to Texas, I would think with the warmer weather that field dressing would be doubly important. Also, just for the taste of the meat, I want to get the vitals out and blood draining as soon as I possibly can. If I have the option, I'll gut and hang them in the field (before the blood can coagulate) while I go get the vehicle as close as I can. (I don't see a four-wheeler ever happening, but one of these years I really will get around to making a game cart. ) Maybe it's in my head, but the meat I get hanging quickly (even if it doesn't hang as long) seems to taste better.
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