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I'm not sure exactly what you're wanting and/or needing, but lemme just throw this at you,

I just had got a Remington 700 .308 , and it was the day after Election Day so I had at least an hour to two on hold for NICS check. I knew that the wait would be a while and my new rifle came drilled and tapped but it didn't come with a mount or picatinny rail / scope base. (The $1200+ Kimber 84M LPT they had *did* come with a scope base/mount ,but at $500+ more, I just couldn't do it. I wanted the Kimber when I saw it but I knew it was just lust... the Remington 700 was good enough for the US Army and USMC and all their snipers with the M24 SWS / M40 etc... so I didn't need no stinkin Kimber and its fancy little scope base)

So anyway while we were waiting I saw the gunsmith pop out of the back of the store, and I asked him, "Hey would it be possible for you to maybe take a look at my rifle and see about installing a scope base while we wait??" He was suddenly exicted, like, Work to do!! Nice!!! Anyway he said he COULD do a two piece base, if I had to save my money, *OR* I could have the better but more expensive one piece base, I asked, how much are we talking here... he's like...Well I don't want to give you any junk...... so I'd be using a Leupold base..... it would be..... and again I dont want you to get junk so ... " I'm like , DUDE the price already???

he's like... $25 dollars........ BUT WE COULD GO CHEAPER if you have to...
I'm LOLing like, Dude lol put it on already, $25 bucks for a better option from a great name company, sure! and hes like... PLUS You need the rings..... moremoney, Another $20 bucks..... Again I LOL and I'm like, Dude go ahead man, please no problem/

So I got a Leupold 'standard 1 piece base' for the Remington 700 plus standard Leupold medium rings for $25+$20 (And since I bought the rifle he didn't charge me any work fees etc.) I wound up buying a Nikon Monarch 5-20x44mm scope, which is also 1" tube and 44mm is fine to use Medium rings. I *MIGHT* go to high rings after trying it out for a while but as of now, I am perfectly happy with my $45 setup., and I really don't think I skimped on anything. So if you can afford that m,uch you can have a similiar setup too brother.
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