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My First Handgun - how'd I do

I bought my first handgun (or any gun truthfully) today. I've been looking, learning and lurking for a couple months now and was pretty convinced I'd be getting a Ruger SR9C. I'd decided on 9mm for the cost of ammo and minimal recoil. I figure it makes it more likely that I'll practice more often.

I went to my LGS today all set to buy the sr9c, when I noticed a Ruger P95. It was used, but seemed to be in fine mechanical shape. The bluing is a little faded/worn, but the gun cycled well, the trigger was good, and everything else checked out. Best of all it was $199 including case and two mags. Instead of $425 for the sr9c, I saved $225 that I can spend on ammo and range time.

It's obviously bigger than what I planned on, but I'm really looking for a range and nightstand gun. Not comfortable enough with my abilities yet to carry (drawing from concealment, weapon retention, etc). It's also DA/SA and hammer fired. But I don't really mind. I gotta learn on something right?

So, my question(s): how'd I do on price? And what are the general opinions about the P95. Also, anyone have suggestions/experience on what ammo works well or what to avoid?

Can't wait to get to the range.

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