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And on top of the malice requirement for public persons (which the NRA cerainly is), there is the requirement that the statement be false, not merely an expression of opinion. What Whitlock said is that, in his view, the NRA is full of a bunch of racist OFWGs, just like the KKK. And it is undoubtedly true that the vast majority of the membership of the NRA qualify as OFWGs. The racist part of the equation is the opinion part--neither provably rue or flase, as Whitlock is of the opinion that the prurpose of the NRA is to allow the injection firearms into the ghettos in order to kill young black males. [As an aside, a lot of black urban inner city voters are anit-gun because all they see is that guns bring death and misery to their neighborhoods.] This is not slander. It is legitimate discourse in the public sector, an opinion which you are free to disagree with and argue against.
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