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First off howdy from Jersey, Trenton-area brotha... and Altoona college-born-and-bred lol.

Anyway, you hit it RIGHT ON THE HEAD, the Nikon BDC reticle and spot-on-Software make for the absolute best firing solution system Outside of being an actual US Army/USMC trained sniper w/ their mil-dot- or whatever system they use, outside of that, the Nikon SpotOn and BDC is absolutely TREMENDOUS.

You simply zero your rifle at your chosen distance (OR USE the SpotOn for calculating how to say, shoot your rifle at for example the 50 yd. line but want a 100 yd zero, etc.) AND then imput your Scope, your Caliber , your Ammo brand and exact type, And your magnification , it gives you exact distances the 4 BDC dots represent point-of-impact/aim.

So for example, my new Remington 700 AAC-SD .308 will be wearing my new Nikon Monarch 5-20x44mm BDC SF scope. I bought a single box of 20 rounds, Federal Power Shok 180gr. Soft Point .308 rounds with the rifle, simply so I wasn't going home with a brand new rifle but empty. I load up Spot On software from , and proceed to input my parameters (Personal weaponry info) etc.

It then shows me, say I zero my rifle at 100 yds, and I zoom in to 20x (Which I calculated this at), I have BDC dots to make impacts at 186 yds, 267 yds, 337 yds, 435 yds, and 520 yds @ the top of the bottom reticle stadia.

Just for kicks, if we scale back to 5x... The BDC dots represent impacting at 352 yds, 560 yds, 715 yds, 905 yds, and 1056 yds @ the top of the bottom reticle stadia.

IMHO this is absolutely PRICELESS and invaluable to someone with a firm prep background, someone concerned about SHTF, urban unrest, government declaring martial law, financial collapse, civil war, etc; any of that stuff. For someone like me , a Scrappy Suburban Sniper lol , this is PRICELESS.. having these types of calculations done for me GREATLY increases my chance of effective fire in an emergency situation. Will I EVER have to fire my rifle in anger/in defense? Probably NOT ever. *IF* I do? Having run a few SpotOn calculations and recording the data for use could mean the difference between life and death, hitting or missing, saving the day/land/house/family or losing.
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