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Redhawk, what was the product number and destination zip code, please? I did a random order in a Las Vegas zip code for 9mm +P ammunition and had no problem.
My zip is 89149 in NW Las vegas, it was a while ago, I don't know why I brought it up so late. not a big deal, I just thought it was stupid at the time.

I still do business with Midway because they usually have everything I need or want in stock unlike SportsmanGuide on a single order to save on shipping , but I get a lot of good deals on a lot of stuff being a member of there club. Like today, I get free shipping no minimal order. To bad I don't need anything today (or do I?). LOL

Like some things you have in stock (SMG doesn't) is speed strips and a recoil buffer for my Glock 20 about $17+around $10 shipping worths, but the shipping kills the deal, so I usually have to piggybag stuff like that on a bigger order. Sucks to have just about everything I need, I just hate shipping fee's for small stuff, so I wait.

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