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I'm pretty sure my wife would flip her lid if I dragged a deer in the house and heaved it on the table.
If a deer is skinned and quartered, it is very manageable on a kitchen counter or table. Bring one quarter at a time into the house, your wife will hardly notice.
My wife noticed. This was 25+ years ago. Ever since, after field dressing they have either been butchered in the garage or gone to the processor.

So I cinched up it's hind legs, made a big loop on the other end, and dragged that sucker about 250 yards to the truck.
Did that once, but quite a bit further. Even though field dressed, I only got about half-way and couldn't move another step. I said to myself, 'risk the mount', put the loop around the front torso, looped it around the antlers, and dragged it the rest of the way with much less effort. I never imagined that dragging against the grain of the pelt would cause so much resistance in snow, but it sure did. It almost glided to the truck once I turned it around.
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