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I check the cases after I clean them ....and toss out anything that looks suspect....beyond that, I just don't care ...
Thats my system as well.

I sort by cartridge................and if its loadable or not. I don't keep track of times shot, don't segregate once fired from unknown range pickup, don't separate by headstamp, age, or whether its nickle plated or plain old brass. It gets a once over to check for cracks or creases (dents are fine, as long as they aren't creased), mud, or horrible pitting on the outside.

Cases that dont' pass the "cranky would shoot it" test (as my brothers call it) get chucked in a jug to recycle. The rest get reloaded untill they either get lost (most common) or start cracking.........and depending on the size and placement of the crack, they may get loaded one last time before being tossed in the scrap jug.
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