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Personal, biased statements like the one Costas repeated and wholeheartedly agreed with on a media event should NEVER be ignored as they are a cancer to our Constitution.
+1. What upsets me is not that Costas apparently doesn't like guns. Frankly, I don't care whether he likes them or not. The personal politics of overpaid sportscasters is not something I generally concern myself with.

What upsets me is his apparent belief that young men somehow lack impulse control and therefore shouldn't own dangerous items that more mature and implicitly "safer" people- like himself- are apparently so eminently qualified to own.

This is another version of the same insipid tripe that's trotted out each time college campus CCW is debated, except this time it's not America's future scholars and leaders who are the topic, it's the very athletes who, ironically, are Mr. Costas' meal ticket. If the 2A isn't good enough for these young athletes, what about the 4A? The 6A? Or even the 1A?

Dear NFL Players: Take careful note of the apparent level of respect that Mr. Costas has for you.
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