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Dude you would be hard pressed to find a better overall gun.. I don't own one but I did own 0ne, it was amazing.

Did you think the plastic is going to go bad/ Dude don't you remember biodegradable lessons and stuff, it lasts forever, the polymer armor will last longer than living creatures/life itself.

Further more it has about the silky-smoovest feel and action, the sexiest styling and softest touch ... They are just so awesome.

I got a TREMENDOUS deal on the Supernova 'SteadyGrip' 24" 'tactical turkey' gun, all black synthetic pistol-grip-stock, fiber optic front sight, beautiful gun, regular price $629 at Dick's, dude sold it to me for $329.99 on St Patrick's Day 2010. It was not the Supernova Tactical model I wanted but once I held and shouldered it I simply could not say no.... Now I had intended to "make it a Tactical" i figured, how hard can it be, get me the 18.5" tactical barrel, add the ghost ring sight to the rear, maybe add the ComfortTech stock..

Then I found out the 18.5" barrel was like $500. JUST FOR THE BARREL. Then i would have to add a rail to the drilled-and-tapped-receiver.. PLUS the LPA Ghost Ring Sight rear aperature. And maybe 200 bones for the stock swap.I could have bought the factory fresh Supernova Tactical ComfortTech Ghost Ring Sight model for like $449. LOL.

Anyway I wound up selling it after a few months, it was simply not what I had wanted really, and I needed money real quick for my Dog and a vet bill.. so it became a casuality... Althought it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, SEXAY SILKY SMOOVE... But was not what I wanted 100%. You would be HARD PRESSED to find an outright better shotgun. I own a M930SPX and and 870 Tactical Magpul (soon to be Police'd by AIP Tactical) but I LOVE Benelli.
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