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I took the gun to a place that does nothing but refinish firearms-mostly the metal but they do stocks too. After looking at samples, i decided to have him blue it. The parkerizing looked great but was lighter than the tone of black i want. He warned me that once in the parkerizing chemicals, they dont have alot of control over the color tone besides using the one that turns out black vs gray. He said alot depends on the density and type of metal being treated. The barrel and reciever are not the same type of metal so I decided to play it safe and will keep it oiled.

He will blast the metal and run through the bluing tank which will produce a darker tone of black yet it will be more of a matte finish from not being polished before dropped in the tank. He said it will still be somewhat poreous to hold some oil but not as much as parkerizing. He said he believes thats what the factory finish was. This time i will not neglect it. I dont mind cleaning it because im kind of ocd with that anyway and would still do it no matter what the finish.
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