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For the uninitiated...

(And of course the Stoeger Luger, being .22 caliber, is blowback; it does not need or have the locked breech of the original gun.)
+1. On a "real" Pistol Parabellum or Luger pistol, the barreled receiver and the toggle linkage recoil together for a short distance before the toggle linkage strikes ramps in the frame, unlocks from the barreled receiver, and hinges upward. On the Stoeger .22, the barrel and receiver don't move upon firing; the pistol operates as a pure blowback, but with a toggle linkage to operate the bolt rather than a more conventional straight coil spring.

Also, AFAIK the Stoeger .22 uses an internal hammer rather than the original Luger's spring-loaded striker and peculiar side-pivoting sear.

One final note: the Stoeger .22 should not be confused with the pre-WWII Stoeger-imported "American Eagle" Luger pistols, which were the Real Thing, made by DWM in Germany.
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