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I know steel casing can screw up a good weapon...
FWIW this is a matter of some debate. Some people claim that they are harder on the extractors of semi-auto firearms, and the relatively rough case texture can cause cycling problems in some semi-autos, but neither of these issues should affect a revolver.

They DO generally "shoot dirty" because the stiffer steel case does not provide as tight of a gas seal as a brass or aluminum case.

OTOH far and away the main problem with steel-case ammo is that most brands also incorporate steel jackets and/or cores in the bullets. These ricochet more often, they chew up the steel target hangers and backstops at indoor ranges, and the sparks create a heightened risk of wildfires at outdoor ranges and paper scrap fires at indoor ones. Consequently, an increasing number of shooting ranges prohibit their use.
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