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My experience is that I much prefer the 41 magnum. My reference point is the traditional factory level and not really very interested in maximum loads or loads under about 900 fps. I shot some of the cowboy ammo and wasn't impressed.

I have owned both 44's and 41's. I shot them and discovered that on average I am a better shooter with the 41 mags. (At the time all were M57's & M29's). I got rid of the 44's. I have a 480 Ruger or 475 Linebaugh when I feel the need for "maximum loads" even though the 480 is sort of a 44 mag on steriods.

I don't think I can convince you to get a 41 mag. You just need to shoot one a bit and see what you think. I prefer them.

Ammo is harder to come by, but with planning, you can keep a good supply on hand. You just can't walk into Walmart and buy some. 41 mag loads at about 1050 to 1100 fps would be about perfect for most uses. But for the most part, you have to load those yourself although GA Arms offers some interesting loads.

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