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Long as it shoots ok and the sights aren't canted you have a decent rifle,wasr's arent a bad rifle. I personally like wood on my AK's so i would re finish the stock you have rather than put plastic on it,also the Hogue grips are nice,i have a few AK's with them and love it. Over the years i have owned several Wasr's and some were built by monkeys and others were great,they might not be the elite of AK's but if a monkey didn't build it it's gonna do the job it was built for. If you have any questions about AK's feel free to pm me,i have been building AK's for awhile as a hobby and am happy to help if i can. Also if a steel mag is tight or won't fit you can open up the mag well with a dremel to make it fit,i have done that on many over the years.
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