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It was a direct hit - surely almost the full load. It was a mature Tomcat which had a heavy coat, and the #6 shot had to cut through some standing grass, but the cat's coat and hide absorbed the shot which failed not only to kill it but also to stop it from running all the way back to the barnyard. And, no, I could not believe it, but we were pleased that the cat survived the accidental shooting. All I am saying is that based on the cat shooting incident, I would not recommend one ounce of #6 birdshot as a self defense load (Who's to say the perp would turn and run away as did the cat once having been shot?). I am not saying that under optimal conditions that the one ounce #6 birdshot load would not get the job done (whatever the OP would consider successful). Honestly, I would be too skeptical that the load would be equal to the situation, and that is why I cannot recommend it.
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