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Well, this last page has changed the conversation quite a bit, but I still want to ask something based on this quote. . .BTW, I could have quoted 4 - 5 posts of similar material. . .
I agree with everyone here so far get a Winchester model 70 chambered in .270 Win(warning this recoils quite a bit for someone not used to hunting weight bolt actions)
I started hunting at age 12 with a Winchester made 1917 Enfield which had been "sporterized" by my dad, grandfather and a local gunsmith. It has a 4x Weaver of 50's - 60's vintage on it. I killed a lot of deer with that rifle and an Elk too.


If I were hunting deer or smaller game only at 0 - 300 yards, I would have something smaller lighter and with minimal recoil. 20 years ago, the 243 Win had a bad rep for killing deer, but I would gues this was with the ol' $5 - $8 /box bullets of the day. Nowadays, with a newfangled super bullet properly matched to the 243 Win's velocity, I think it would be a super rifle.

260 fit's that role well also.

Also, if I wasn't likely to get a 15 yard shot, but I might go as far as 300 at the outside, a standard 6x is a super optic. Sure, you won't be able to tell cool stories about pulling up on a 25 yd deer at 12x or missing a chance at a 100 yd deer moving from 3x to 9x, but who cares. . .It is about putting meat on the table and getting a rack hanging out of the back of the truck.

Last, there was a post about being a good sportsman and being ethical. Yes, this is important. I probably wouldn't cry if one got away from me, but I'm the type who knows how far I can shoot and puts the bullet on the mark or darn close. Killed this year's deer with a slug through the heart. I also had a bad day at about 15 where I got on a good doe antelope and shot her. She must of stepped or I just screwed up. She was about 100 yards away. I chased her down to the last shot of ammo I had. . .I finally got a "good" 300 shot with her stopped and put a kill shot in her. It does feel bad, but hunting is about knowing your limits, working within them and getting the job done when things go wrong.
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