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Some things seem so simple to me.

My cases have been tumbled with stainless steel pins, so they are ultra clean before I start sizing. I can easily feel the decreased resistance when 9mm cases are lube. So I use lube - and I don't feel less MANLY because I do. I batch load, translate that to mean, after I tumble the brass, I will then size and expand the cases followed by sort, Zip Lock and store ‘em.

While sizing, my can of Imperial Die Wax sits beside the tub of cases and I lightly press thumb and two fingers into the wax before picking up the first case. The small amount of lube remaining on the fingers will be good for several more cases (usually around 8 to 15 pieces), before I feel the press resistance increasing. When the sizing pressure increases, the fingers go back the lube can for another dose.

Here is the simple part that perhaps the iron pumpers are missing. The higher degree of resistance is primarily due to friction, which leads to increased stress and wear of parts and equipment. My Material Structures and Mechanics of Materials classes addressed issues such as stress, strain and molecular deformation of metals; such stuff was even understood back in the dark ages of my first and second runs at a degree. Someone would border on being insipid if they fail to understand a small amount of lube will increase the long term life of the equipment and most likely the cases.

Question for the knuckle draggers, who cast dispersions at the string armers – Do you run your car without any oil? Different equipment, but same principles. Must you use lube with carbide dies? Nope. But is it a good idea? I think so!

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