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Yes pointy bullets in a tube magazine can be a bad thing, doesn't mean you can't shoot pointy bullets in a traditional lever action. I tried the 125 grain Nosler ballistic tips in my M94 and I'd only load two cartridges at a time. My rifle didn't like them very much, about a 2" group at 50 yards was the best I could average. I just hope Hornady starts expanding their flex tip bullets as I'd like to play with some lighter 125-135 grain mono metal bullets in my Winchester.

Besides not all .30-30 rifles are created equal there are several out there that can run spitzer type bullets. In a lever action you can find a Savage 99 and it alows the use of spitzers. In bolt action rifles there is the Winchester models 54 and 70, Savage/Stevens/Springfield had the 325 and 340 rifles, Remington had the 788. Then you have the H&R Handi Rifles and Toppers, as well as the T/C Contenders and Encores in .30-30 as well. Plus there were several over/under .30-30/shotgun combos out there as well.

I have the M788 and with about any factory ammunition it will shoot sub 1" groups at 100 all day long. With Hornady's 165 grain Leverevolution it shoots sub .5" groups on a regular basis. I haven't really tried much else in it but I did try some 124 Sierra's and 135 Hornady bullets but so far I haven't found the right load.

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