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I guess a guy could use what he wanted to in his own rifle - i'ts his gun. BUT . . . that being said, I guess I could also shoot nails, rocks and cow manure as well.

IF, they happened to fit - you say they have rifling marks - is it going to match the rifling in your rifle? i doubt it. How would they react to the twist in your barrel, IF you could get 'em down? Are they lead or FMJ? There are projectiles designed for muzzleloading . . . and there are projectiles designed for modern rifles and handguns. "Nary the two should intertwine."

A big +1 to what Hawg said . . .

I have retrieved lead from backstops that were fired from muzzleloaders . . . but washed it well, melted it down, fluxed it and skimmed the impurities off and then cast it into new rounds - all soft lead. As far as picking up rounds and recycling 'em as they are . . . to me that's akin to picking up someone's cigarette butt and smoking it. Personally, I value the bore of my rifles and smoothbores too much . . .they only eat "new" projectiles.
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