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I've never argued that either one is the hammer of Thor. In the end, that you hit something important (CNS, major vascualr structure) with a bullet is what matters most.
Cops referred to the 158 RN lead as the widow maker because criminals who were hit in the manner you described were still able to continue fighting--resulting in the death of too many police officers. Yes, that can happen with any ammo, but the RN lead was notorious.

I'll never forget Jim Cirillo's humorous description of an incident while on the stake out squad. The squad was hiding in the back room of a store when one of them was about to take a bite out of a pizza when his eyes got wide and he froze. The place was being robbed. I believe one of the robbers came in the back and fired a shot a close range at one of the officers. They returned fire and hit the perp in the face. DRT, right? Well, Cirillo and the other officer where going thru the hair on the chest of the officer thought shot, like chimps grooming another, looking for the bullet hole that they knew had to be there. It wasn't, the perp had missed. Well, they called in a shooting with perp deceased, but shortly after, the perp started to wake up, sneezed and expelled the bullet that had lodged in his sinus cavity. As Cirillo said, "so much for round nosed lead".

A lot of old timers love the SWC in their revolvers. They penetrate deep and make good hunting ammo on larger game. When Elmer Keith popularized the bullet, HP's really weren't an option. I understand the fondness for the bullet, and sometimes it's hard to let go of tradition. For all around general purpose ammo, it's fine. Specifically for hunting, or just target shooting, it's fine. For the bullet that you'd bet your life on, technology has passed the SWC by, and so have most of us.
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