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Originally Posted by Oldmarksman:
Of course the skills and training apply, but when a combat soldier is defending his home in a civilian setting, or when a sworn officer is defending his home in another jurisdiction, his sole responsibility is defending his family, which obviously entails putting self preservation at the top of the priority list. He has no obligation to seek, find, pursue, disarm, or detain the perps. He has no responsibility to defeat them because of what they might do them except at the point at which that becomes immediately necessary to defend against death or serious bodily harm--regardless of why the perps entered the house in the first place.
I never suggested otherwise.

Originally Posted by Oldmarksman:
Of course, that is if that becomes possible. There is no reason to expect dangerous, violent criminal actors to enter the house at night when the family members are in their sleeping quarters,....
I don't know that I'd be so quick to rule out any such threat during the "night season" at least in my neck of the woods. Seems to me, based upon much of what I've seen in the field over the years, that night time is favored by the predatory offender for its ability to conceal movement and that most folks are generally asleep at that time making them less likely to engage in a coherent response to violent assault.
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