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Posted by 481: The experience and skills that our police officers and soldiers possess are just as applicable when it is their personal well-being and that of their families on the line. It is not as if suddenly we forget all that we've learned or are constrained somehow from using the knowledge and training we've gained as a result of our chosen careers in order to protect "us and ours".
Of course the skills and training apply, but when a combat soldier is defending his home in a civilian setting, or when a sworn officer is defending his home in another jurisdiction, his sole responsibility is defending his family, which obviously entails putting self preservation at the top of the priority list. He has no obligation to seek, find, pursue, disarm, or detain the perps. He has no responsibility to defeat them because of what they might do them except at the point at which that becomes immediately necessary to defend against death or serious bodily harm--regardless of why the perps entered the house in the first place.

He thus has the luxury of letting the threat come to him.

Of course, that is if that becomes possible. There is no reason to expect dangerous, violent criminal actors to enter the house at night when the family members are in their sleeping quarters, and no reason to expect that they will conveniently allow the time for the defenders to get to a saferoom and lock the door. The defensive strategy will be dictated by the home layout, by when and where the residents happen to be when entry is made, and how and where entry is made.

At that point, the experience and skills to which you refer will become paramount.
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