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Thanks, never thought about an individual doing a bunch of cookie cutter customs. That's makes perfect sense, I haven't found any identifying marks yet. Might be something inside the stock but I have had no good reason to remove the action or recoil pad but I have to believe someone who obviously took this much pride in their work left their mark on it somewhere. It is still cock on open, I'm not enough of a shooter for that to make a difference, as long as it's cocked by the time the bolt is closed on a round I'm happy.

Kind of a shame they did this one, it has a sub 40,000 S/N and only the bolt stop is non-Winchester that I have found, it's from an Eddystone. It would have probably been a real nice collector rifle if left original. Bore is bright and rifling very sharp. At least they made it a real nice shooter, it's definitely a keeper.
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