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Great little video, thank you for posting that. It goes right along with an experiment I did back in the late 70's after an Army Reserve Lieutenant tried to convince me a 22 LR cartridge somebody threw in a camp fire detonated and the projectile broke the bottle of beer he was holding.

The following month I brought a coffee can and a single burner camp stove. I used 3 cartridges, a 22LR, a 45 ACP and a .308. Placed in the can one at a time and then placed a large cardboard box over the can with the bottom of the box sitting on bricks to allow air in. Lit the stove. put the box on then squatted next to it to wait for the pop. Took a long time. Had about 40 people observing for the 22, by the time I got to the .308 there were 3 of us. none of the projectiles penetrated the box. Only dent in the cardboard was from the .308. The lieutenant had nothing to say and I didn't push it.
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