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Unless they've fixed the issue, be prepared for the white dot to come off the front sight. I read about it and thought it was just internet talk. Then the next time I went to shoot, it happened to mine. I bought a paint pen and painted it back on.
The M&P45 is my go-to pistol for camping, hiking and all outdoor activities. It carries comfortably, shoots reliably and accurately and is pretty nearly indestructible.

That being said, my little white dot disappeared the very first time I pulled the trigger, but that was 7,000 rounds ago and it hasn't bothered me. I put a little drop of bright red nail polish where the dot used to be and kept going.

Like another members mentioned, the 9mm may be a very wise way to go too. The cost of ammo is a huge factor these days. More ammo = more practice = improved skills and familiarity with your weapon. Don't overlook that.
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