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A S&W Model 586, sold right off my hip in a restaurant for $250 while on break from hunting deer in 1990. I still miss that revolver, but six years later I bought a new 686 for $325. I still have the original receipt, and smile everytime I look at the prices for a 686 on gunbroker... so I guess this one worked out okay.

Sold a M70 Westerner in 1988 to finance Christmas gifts, and used the residual to buy a M94 in a pawn shop for $120. I still have the 94 and plan to keep it, but I finally this year bought another M70 (a new one from the FN plant.) I just plain got tired of not owning one! but, I was a dummy for getting rid of the Westerner in the first place.

And the 6904? I kept it for all of about 2 years before trading it off to get a Norinco MAK 90... which I sold off for $300 about two years after that.

In sum, I wish I had all of those guns that I let go over the years (there's been several others i didn't mention here)... not to mention, my judgment in selling has been pitiful. So.... I made myself a promise to stop trading, and just buy what I really want and plan to keep. That's served me well for the past decade, although the wife wasn't crazy about the need for another safe
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