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My own experience with #6 on knock down steel pepper poppers suggest it would do ok at home defense distances.
It really knocks down those full sized, heavy poppers at ten to fifteen yards.
The cat in the previous example might have been hit with less than the full load, or maybe a ricochet shot.
A direct hit at close range would probably have not left a whole cat.
Assuming it was a normal sized house cat and not a Bengal Tiger, that is.
Kevin, do some testing for yourself, don't take our word for it.

There was a discussion of this very subject on last Sundays Guntalk radio show.
A fellow called in to say that he has witnessed the results of birdshot on brown and grizzly bear.
Dead bear.
Another guy called in to say that he shot through a steel door and wall of a metal building with birdshot.
The show is available at - follow the links to the current show listing.
The bigger the better, but don't sell birdshot short.
At close range, it's still a lot of lead in a concentrated area.
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