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Posted by Brian Pfleuger: I've never known anyone who was carjacked, or attempted.
Nor have I, that I know of.

But I never knew that a cousin had been stabbed years before until I happened to ask what had led to their moving out of town. And very few people whom I know happen to be aware that I have defended myself against violent home invaders on more than one occasion.

In fact, I don't recall have ever seen a report of such on the news anywhere in the area.
I have--about half a dozen times since June.

I've never known anyone who suffered a home-invasion, or again heard of it happening anywhere around here, that wasn't directly drug related.
Regarding both, I have. Perhaps the perps needed money to pay back a drug dealer, but the victims were innocent, and I wouldn't call them directly drug related.

Crime occurrence is not a homogenous phenomenon. If you look at crime maps, the pattern appears more "marbleized;" no large area is immune, but crime seems to occur more often in shopping areas or entertainment areas near highways where ease of ingress and egress brings mobile undesirables to and from the places where the victims are.

The other issue is whether the crimes are reported. In many instances they are not. The Koppel study makes use of large-sample interview data that are intended to include both reported and unreported crime.

In 1984, I happened to witness a youth knock another off his bicycle with a bludgeon blow to the head directly outside the New York City City Hall, and ride away on the victim's bicycle. While we sat at the traffic light, the victim staggered to his feet, climbed on the bicycle that had been left by the attacker, and rode away. Do you think that crime was ever incorporated into the official statistics?

Most people WILL NOT be victims, whether or not they pay attention to anything.
That is certainly true on average, and peoples' exposure will vary according to areas in which they live, work, or attend school, circumstance, daily schedules, occupations, lifestyles, physical size, gender, and other things.

Tells me that the nationwide average is no more than 20%, tops.
With all due respect, that conclusion seems much less scientific than the estimates contained in the BJS Report.
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