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Originally Posted by OldMarksman:
No, not in this "arena." You seem determined to continue confuse the role of the home defender with those of persons engaged in in combat or law enforcement.

The duties of sworn officers and those of combat soldiers differ markedly from the responsibilities of the civilian defender.

The sworn officer's team must find and apprehend a suspect, and put him in custody. The soldier's team must destroy the enemy's ability to fight. While due caution will be exercised and we hope that neither will be harmed, both duties must take precedence over their own personal safety. Should either be hurt or killed, his or her fellow officers or fellow squad members will replace them and perform their duties. And of course, we will recognize them for valor after the fact.

The civilian defender has no responsibility to find an invader and shoot him or to arrest him. His sole responsibility is to defend his family. Should he killed or seriously injured, there is no one to immediately replace him. He has the valuable luxury of letting the threat come to him.

Thus, the battle analogies and house-clearing tactics are not applicable here, and someone who has engaged in one or the other is not automatically considered an expert in home defense.
Not when we are defending our homes they don't. The experience and skills that our police officers and soldiers possess are just as applicable when it is their personal well-being and that of their families on the line. It is not as if suddenly we forget all that we've learned or are constrained somehow from using the knowledge and training we've gained as a result of our chosen careers in order to protect "us and ours".

Originally Posted by SPEMack618:
...or if I'm in my slippers and boxers dragging my sister into the bathroom as I shove buckshot into my Mossberg.
No one in their right mind (not that a burglar/home invader is) would wanna face an experienced combat veteran under those circumstances- well, at least I wouldn't.
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