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Ok just to make sure I have this correct

This is a Savage 10 (Stevens) short action. I used the go gage to set my barrel, screwed it down till it stopped, tightened the barrel nut. rechecked to make sure bolt was closing with a minimum of resistance at the bottom of the stroke. Started adding steel shims to the go gage .001 at a time. At .001 there was mild resistance to closing the bolt, at .002 it would only close half way, at .003 it would not close at all.

Then I set my sizing die, minus trhe decapper of course, by placing the go gage into the shell holder (mine fit well) and screwing down the die until I felt resistance, then locking the nut on the die.

Near as I can tell I should be good to go. The only thing that has me concerned is why maybe one or two cases out of every fifty before this felt tight when closing the bolt. This bullet is no where near the lands so you can rule that out.
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