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I like spending time reloading so I tend to question the value of doing things just to "save time". If I save too much time with my reloading I'll just end up doing something less fun with all that extra time.

Sometimes it seems like prepping brass is my "real" hobby

I use a single stage Hornady LNL for doing .45 auto. It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to load 50 rounds, but my brass is already de-primed, cleaned, sized, primed and flared. It just a matter of pulling 50 cases out of a ziplock bag, placing them in a loading tray, charging the cases, checking for uncharged or double-charged cases, setting the bullets on top and running them through the press. Occasionally, I'll run them through a Lee FCD die as well but that's not the norm.

I use a Lee Pro 1000 for my 9mm and .40 S&W loads. I just haven't been real happy (yet) with how the .45 stuff comes off. However, the progressive makes it possible to crank out lots of re-sized, primed and flared 45 cases with very little effort, and you don't have to keep an eagle eye on powder drops or spills or splash.
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