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Is there a value or performance difference between an M1 Garand made by Winchester, Springfield, or Harrington & Richardson?
Differences really only come into play if you're dealing with collector type rifles. For most shooters (like the stuff being sold by CMP now), it won't matter. Springfield Armory made by far and away the most Garands. H&R didn't make them until the 50s, so if you want something that might have a few WWII miles on it, you're looking at Springfield or Winchester.

If looking to purchase a Service Grade rifle which one is best to buy, the Springfield or the H&R?
I doubt you'd see any difference. Really, the difference is there so people can fill out their collections.

Based on the CMP measurements, how much wear is acceptable, and still give you a good shooter?
Probably depends on your definition of "good shooter." If you want something that's basically a new rifle, then you're talking a CMP Special grade. If you're willing to trade a little bit of wear but still want a generally new condition rifle, then it's Service Grade Special. Field and Service grades will have a bit more history to them, but will show more wear. Either will shoot and function just fine, but while they may be within the US Army's original specs for the rifle, they will not be as fresh and new as the Specials.

The most economical shooter will be the Service grade, but I think the best shooter out of the box will likely be the CMP Special grade (due to the new barrels). It seems like guys building up a National Match rifle will start with a Field or Service grade and replace the barrel and (maybe) stock. It just depends on if you want the most accurate one out of the box that might be possible or if you'd be willing to maybe compromise (by taking more wear on the bore) in order to save some money.
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