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I started out at the age of 11 in TKD. And looking back, it was good for a kid to play with and learn some discipline. But it was nothing that would hold to the real world. I soon met up with a student of Stephen Hayes, who I trained with for about a year. Thought that I learned alot, but in reality, not the case. Then a form of Kenpo called Saie Khan for a couple years. I did well in that. Competition went well. But again, still sport stuff. Then I got into the good stuff. I got into Muay Thai. That really stuck with me. Found a home in my soul! Did well competing. But definately not Lumpini champ material. Still doing muay thai as part of my every day workout now. I picked up Kali about 5 years ago. And loved that too!! After training thai for a while, I became really discriminating in what I would study next. And kali is a perfect fit. I then came into brazilian jiu jitsu. I studied kali and bjj concurrently for quite a while. then only bjj under an instructor. Of which I am still studying. My instructor, is also my business partner, and room mate. He is a bjj 5th deg bb from Brazil. We have a fight school in Atanta, and one in Brazil. We teach thai and bjj. But we also do gunfoo! to use the words from the gentleman above! My partners brother is the owner of Taurus firearms. So naturally, we have a good gunfoo training regimen and support. We currently train some rather prolific no holds barred fighters. Who we learn just as much from in heart and attitude. I have learned, never stop learning. And finding what works for YOU. Good to see so many students on the forum.
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