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FNG needs scopae base/rings help!

Ordered my first "real" center fire rifle. Starting on a budget, but I like what I've heard about them. It's a no-frills Howa 1500 with a 24" heavy barrel in an ugly black stock.

As I don't have the rifle in hand yet, I can only assume that it's a short action. I know some manufacturers have made long action rifles in .223 in the past, but I would guess it's not common.

Am I to understand that I can use any two-piece base for a Remington 700 for this rifle? Is a two-piece base "giving something up" to a one-piece base? I know that some outfits do make a one-piece base for the Howa 1500, but it sounds like it's not a common item. Do I lose "stability" or some such thing with a two-piece base?

Next up is rings -- what style or kind should I pick and why?

I'm a long time handgun guy and full-bore handloader. Center fire rifle is a completely new gig for me and I know very little beyond what I've read over the last 30 years of gun magazines, so all opinions and experiences would be much appreciated.
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