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I would disagree with this. First, you can get low recoil loads which is all you need for HD
The buyer is a raw newbie shopping for a gun at WalMart.
I hate to make assumptions,,,but,, that doesn't sound to me like someone that's put a lot of research into this.
You know and I know and people here know, that you can buy reduced recoil loads.
AFAIK, you can't pick them up off the shelf at WalMart.

Plus the OP mentioned something about 00 buck....
Again, the 00 buck I bought at WalMart was anything but reduced recoil.

FWIW - this might interest some.
I cross posted this at THR and stripped out the Walmart story.

I simply listed:
AR in .22lr
AR in .223
Remington 870 12 ga.

As the three choices.
What's interesting is that the AR in .223 seems to be the preferred gun, followed by the .22.
The 870?
Not too much support for it...
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