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All part of the hunt !!!

I can't imagine dragging a deer in from the field that hasn't been field dressed. I don't understand that at all.
By my measure, field dressing is just another part of the hunt as well as eating what you kill. I once saw about fifty deer on a concrete pad, waiting to be processed. Really hard to accept the various stages of gutten and ungutted deer. Some were alreddy starting to bloat. It really doesn't take long. ..

I hang, and skin my deer head down. After skinning, I take a propane torch and sing off all the loose hairs. We let it hang for about three days, if weather permits. Then, while the deer still hanging, I cut off the major pieces. First the back-straps, Then front quarters, rib cage on up to the hind quarters. The last piece hanging, is one hind quarter which I save the ham to jerk out, in the summer. ....

We process each of the major pieces, into what we want which is mostly deer burger. We don't mix it with pork and prefer beef internal talo.

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