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If that's the way your chamber is set, why would you not? At least as a starting point?

The Go/NOGO gauges only tell you that the chamber is bigger than the GO gauge, and smaller than the
NOGO gauge. Neither tells you where the chamber is actually cut (unless you get stiff bolt closure)
-- only that it's between two dimensions (which could be 6-8 thousandths delta)

I have no ideal what chamber Mehavey is refering to or talking about, one more time, I make gages, I make gages to measure gages, I can verify the length of a case from the head of the case to the shoulder of the case, I also make datum gages, I collect datums, I purchase datums, I make datums, my world must seem boring to other reloaders, I wake up in the same world I went to sleep in, I do not have the problem of waking up in a new world everyday..

Mehavey, There is no such thing as a twilight zone between the go-gage and the no go-gage, the extreme measurement (dofference in length) between the go and no go gage for the 30/06 is .004”. After ‘that’ comes the field reject gage, the difference in length between the no go-gage and field reject gage is .005”. Then there is the go-gage length chamber that drives reloaders to the curb, it is .005” longer than the minimum length case from the head of the case to the shoulder of the case. Outside of the Internet the length of the factory made ammo is referre4d to as ‘MINIMUM LENGTH’ or ‘FULL LENGTH SIZED’ in my world the minimum length is referred to as having a length of .000, when I shim my die off the shell holder with a feeler gage I I am adding length to the case from the head of the case to the shoulder.

Back to the N1917 Eddystone, it has a long chamber, the chamber in one of my M1917s as a chamber that is longer than a field reject gage, when I chamber a minimum length 30/06 case in the M1917 with the long chamber the difference in length between the chamber from the bolt face to the chamber shoulder is longer than the minimum length case by .016”, that is .002”longer than the field reject length chamber.

“One more time” I am not a fire former, simple, no skill required, I am a case former, I form first. Not a problem for me, everyone else had trouble with the ‘move the shoulder forward’ without firing. I find cases with shoulders forward if where I want it, for me is is a simple matter of moving the shoulder back.

I use 280 Remington cases for long 30/06 chambers, my Eddystone has a shoulder that is forward .011” of a go-gage length chamber, to form cases that fit with .002” clearance or to form field reject length cases I form (move back)the shoulder on the 280 Remington .036” by adjusting the die off the shell holder .014”, and yes, I have a forming die for the 30/06.

When I fire cases in my Eddystone with a chamber that is .016” longer than a minimum length case there is .002” difference in length, again, I am the fan of cutting down on all that case travel. When I move the shoulder on a case I do not bump it, I wreck it, meaning the shoulder is erased and become part of something else, everyone else insist on bumping. My new shoulder is not a part of the old shoulder.

Again, I determine the length of the chamber first measured in thousandths.

F. Guffey

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