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Vanguard 30-06. Good ammo and or tips?

I'll be honest I'm young and new to the rifle world so that's why I'm asking people with a lot of experience for help and discussion. I've gotten decently proficient with my vanguard, i love the gun its a ton of fun to shoot. But I've been looking into different bullet types and grain and I'm not really sure what a lot of it means. I get the more grain=more power or punch, but what does it do for accuracy along with the bullet type. I also know that people say that every rifle barrel is different and that it varies from brand to brand. I'm just looking for a little push in the right direction. I'm currently using the 165 grain SST Hornandy which I've been told is a good brand, just looking for ideas because I've heard this gun can be as accurate as .55? Which is freaky O.o also I'm aware that my relative inexperience in shooting can factor into the accuracy element. Appreciate your time and thank you

On a side note how much different is the v2 besides the trigger and the safety, I'm hopefully looking for a owner to answer this. (accuracy wise?) Also I've heard that the trigger is much better then the v1.
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