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If that's the way your chamber is set, why would you not? At least as a starting point?
The Go/NOGO gauges only tell you that the chamber is bigger than the GO gauge, and smaller than the
NOGO gauge. Neither tells you where the chamber is actually cut (unless you get stiff bolt closure)
-- only that it's between two dimensions (which could be 6-8 thousandths delta)

Commercial ammo size to GO dimensions to make sure it will 1st-time function in any rifle in-spec. It invariably
stretches during firing from that dimension to fit the actual chamber. If we size back down to that GO headspace
again and again, the brass will eventually separate if it's repeatedly fired in a chamber that's near the NOGO dimension.

Problem is... you don't really know what the actual chamber is unless you have a full set of headspace gauges.

Naturally (being parnoid) I have all three

(Then again, maybe Messr Guffey has a feeler gauge methodology for the GO Gauge)

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